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  OjKa, Dec 28 2010

I had a little shot earlier at 10nl and those guys are fucking nuts. All ins getting fired off everywhere and fish are mad fish.
I was going to give them a grind earlier but most of the tables were full, so I decided to pop back down to 5nl.

Man, life is easy at 5nl. I can do whatever I want. I have very few worries and it's been going nicely.
I played 50 minutes, 6 tabling and managed 400 hands which got me +$16.
Is it worth staying and these stakes and just grinding it out? Maybe I can increase the tables.
I hear that some people skip 25nl because it is insanity and move on to 50nl when they have the roll.
Maybe I should just live my life on 5nl, see how much dollar I can make and then splurge all over 10nl.
What do you guys think? I don't know how much hands I should be doing per hour or what kind of roi I should be expecting. Any pointers would be cool : )

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Little Help with HUD
  OjKa, Dec 27 2010

I recently got back in to poker and after busting a load of roll over the stars SnGs (I was doing alright until I had a ridiculously bad day) I went back to good old cash games.
So I started building back up from 2/5c, when a little bad but then I started 6 tabling and man...I guess I must have been leaking so much due to boredom because since the 6 tabling I've just been chomping down and earning some bills.

Anyway I just tried some 5/10c games and my Hold'em Manager HUD does not seem to be working for those stakes. It has the tables in the box but it will list the tables as 0/6 players and does not appear on the tables.
Whilst playing that I tried a 2/5c game and it worked fine for that.
Is it a problem with 1.09 or do I have to do something? DO I HAVE TO PROVE MYSELF TO IT?

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Can't beat micro
  OjKa, Jul 15 2010

Following a dream I had last night about playing poker online...and I lost quad kings because the two kings on the board changed at the end so I lost to aces.

Anyway I would appreciate any help you could give me. I just started playing again and a few days ago I was up then was down 1BI. I looked on PT after to see what hands I'd been going wrong with and it seemed I had been playing too many seemingly good hands too aggressively and most likely not really taking in position.
So the next day I tightened up and played a bit more "solid" and huzzah profit. However this is going wrong.
I know that it's just to do with it being poker but I understand that I have many leaks despite trying to tighten up so any advice here is greatly appreciated.

Uploaded with

I'm not entirely sure how to read this but I'll give it a go.
I think one of my leaks are the blinds. I'm really not sure how to play them.

Blinds and limping:
If I'm the small blind, I usually limp in with suited connectors or with T8/97 like that when there are other limpers. Is this a good idea? If there is a raised pot and a caller, should I be calling to see a flop with T9s/T8s etc?
I believe I should be 3betting from the SB with AK and obviously normal 3betting ranges. Should I include TT?
Let's say I 3b with AK and the guy calls. The flop is 67Q. Should I bet into them? If I do and they call and the board is 67Q2, what do I do? Do I check call or just barrel again? I'm not comfortable playing OOP.
As the Button I have started to try and steal the blinds a lot more. My range is any pocket pair to 98s and up. Should I raise with 56s, 34s? If I miss the flop, do I just cbet anyway and if they call and check again, do I barrel again? Is that mostly up to what the actual board looks like?

I can see that my fold to steal is waaaay high. If the button raises to x3bb (15 cents usually) should I be calling and if so, what with?
If it's blind on blind and the SB raises into me, again to x3bb, should I just call and see a flop? I can see the advantage in that they have no idea what I'm calling with and I also have position.
If I'm the SB, should I be raising into the BB and if so, how open is my range? If they call, how do I play after?

I have started to raise to x4 when utg with AA-TT/AK. With AQ I'm kind of mixed. Should I raise AQs and not AQ or just fold them both? With pocket pairs such as 22-66, should I be raising them as well from utg?
If I'm on the CO with KJ, do I call a raise from say utg/utg+1? I usually don't like to play KJ but I may call if it's suited. The reason of course is if I do hit the J I could be up against AJ and if I hit the K, could be vs AK/KQ.
At the CO once more, should I be confident in raising KJ/AT unsuited?
Where does ATs fit in the lines? Should I ever be raising that from outside the button?

I call raises with AK/AQ/AJs and any pocket pair. If I have position with a pocket pair such as 55 and the board is something like 482, do I simply call a possible cbet or do I reraise if I believe they missed the flop with Ax? If I'm OOP on this same hand and again believe they have missed, do I bet into the and try to take the pot there, or do I check raise or check call?
What happens if I raise with 22-TT and someone 3bets me? Do I call and try to hit a set on the flop or just fold?

Table Selecting:
I'm aware of this but not entirely sure how to execute this right.
When I go to tables I usually go by the hands/flop percentage thing, usually with the highest average pot. Should I be going with the pot size instead? After around twenty hands you can usually tell what the players are at these stakes and a lot of the more solid players I know as they are still kicking it from the last time I saw them late last year. Are two players with VPs of over 25% good enough? On tight tables where players are something like 10-20/5-20pfr do I just leave and find another table, because that's generally what I do if they aren't giving me aciton

I know a lot of these will depend on the players, I usually 3 table which gives me time to look at every finished hand and make notes on what people are doing, however I was 4 tabling yesterday and I do like that it's more autopilot, it keeps me out of trouble from playing lesser hands but information on players may go missed.

Am I folding too much on the flop/turn/river?
If I have AK/AQ and the board is dry and my opponent raises, what do I do? Do I call and see if I hit? If I call flop and miss turn, is it worth calling again? Do I shoot AK/AQ all the way to the river?

I'm sure there is a lot more information of my leaks from that above image that I don't understand how to extract so any additional help on that would be cool.

Here's my graph so far for the few days of July that I have been playing:

Is this looking alright?

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